Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist

This page will serve as a landing page to compile learning materials for the Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist exam:

CEET – Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist

You can find the syllabus linked from the above page, or alternatively here for easy reference.

Reading the following article provided the inspiration to study for this certification:

Your Startup Needs an AI Ethicist. How Do You Find One?
Responsible innovation will be one of the future’s hottest careers. Before it can take off, we need to build a pipeline for it.

CertNexus (creator of the CEET exam) has launched learning courses on Coursera. The first course in the series is here:

Promote the Ethical Use of Data-Driven Technologies
Offered by CertNexus. The greatest risk in emerging technology is the perpetuation of bias in automated technologies dependent upon data sets. Solutions created with racial, gender or demographic bias, whether unintentional or not can perpetuate tragic inequities socially and economically. The firs…

AI Ethics Primers

I found these to be a useful introduction into the AI Ethics space:

Identify principles and practices for responsible AI - Learn
It’s imperative to reflect on the implications of AI in business. Discover Microsoft guidelines to set up principles and a governance model in your enterprise.
Ethics in AI and Big Data
<p>Learn how to build and incorporate ethical frameworks in your AI and Big Data technology and business initiatives to add transparency, build trust, and drive adoption.</p>