This post covers a selection of content on various platforms that I have either completed, or intend to complete in the near future.

Ethics in AI and Big Data - edX

This short course by the Linux Foundation provides a fairly straightforward introduction explaining AI, ethics in the context of AI and Big Data, and how an organisation might go about creating an ethical framework for these technologies. There are plenty of links to additional reading peppered throughout and their promotion of open source as a strategy gives an interesting angle not seen in other content.

Ethics in AI and Big Data
Learn how to build and incorporate ethical frameworks in your AI and Big Data technology and business initiatives to add transparency, build trust, and drive adoption.</p>

Identify principles and practices for responsible AI - Microsoft

As with most of the 'Big Tech' companies, Microsoft has dedicated teams producing thought leadership (and to a certain extent products) supporting ethical or 'Responsible AI'. Microsoft's online learning space covers the typical products and certification courseware you would expect to find. Alongside and in the case of their data science courses, embedded into the content, you can find short modules on responsible AI:

Identify principles and practices for responsible AI - Learn
It’s imperative to reflect on the implications of AI in business. Discover Microsoft guidelines to set up principles and a governance model in your enterprise.

AI Ethics - Udemy

Ross Asdourian's Udemy course on AI Ethics explores concepts more from the philosophical angle. Short exercises help to grasp some of the key concepts, which are then put in context with real world industry examples. The interviews with the Founder of AI drone company Robotto and CTO of job application video interviewing company HireVue add a nice touch.

Free Ethics Tutorial - Artificial Intelligence Ethics Certification
The AI Ethics Certification course teaches right and wrong, if such a thing exists, in the context of the artificial intelligence industry. This three-section training starts by asking “What is ethics?” We’ll discuss its history, different philosophies, ethics in business, and learn the five most…

Ethics and Law in Data Analytics - LinkedIn Learning

This course goes into more depth on the legal side thanks to the case based approach taken by Professor of Law Eva Lasprogata, Seattle University. Professor Nathan Colaner, also from Seattle University (Program Director in Business Analytics) balances the content with coverage of key ethics principles and a hands on exercise using Excel to identify bias and other issues in a dataset. LinkedIn Learning does require a subscription, however you may be able to use the 1-month free trial to access the course.

Ethics and Law in Data Analytics - Welcome
Join Microsoft General Technical Skills for an in-depth discussion in this video, Welcome, part of Ethics and Law in Data Analytics.

Practical Data Ethics -

Python deep learning library produces some pretty good learning content. Their latest online course is on data ethics and comprises a set of lectures recorded at the University of San Francisco Data Institute. I haven't gotten too far through this one yet, though the videos and recommended reading appear well thought out.

Practical Data Ethics
Free, online course from and USF Data Institute covering disinformation, bias & fairness, ethical foundations, practical tools, privacy & surveillance, the silicon valley ecosystem, and algorithmic colonialism

CertNexus CEET Course Content - Coursera

Lastly, CertNexus (creator of the Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist CEET exam) has launched learning courses on Coursera. The first course in the series is here:

Promote the Ethical Use of Data-Driven Technologies
Offered by CertNexus. The greatest risk in emerging technology is the perpetuation of bias in automated technologies dependent upon data sets. Solutions created with racial, gender or demographic bias, whether unintentional or not can perpetuate tragic inequities socially and economically. The firs…